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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Luscious Curl Addict Mascara

I am very conscious about my eyes; as I am regular kajal and mascara user. I got chance to try the current release product by Luscious. My morning tarts with kajal and mascara. I am greatly inspired by Luscious products; Its great addition in their family. 

  •  It comes in a box.
  • Theme on box is amazing. Its really attractive for me.
  • Ingredients are written on box.

What Company Says About It:
Designed to dramatically curl and define eyelashes with a quick-drying waterproof formula, keep them supple with conditioning ingredients and strong with keratin. The curling brush features luscious curves to wrap around each lash (including lower lashes!) for the ultimate VIP treatment.
Ophthalmologist tested

US $9.22

  •  Mascara is wrapped with plastic cover for a secured packing.

                                                                        Unwrapping the plastic seal.

  •  Again theme on mascara is tempting for me. 

  •  Its carbon black mascara.
  • Net weight 8 ml.

  •  Price Rs. 950.

  •  Three puff fibrous brush in an arched shape which intended to curl lashes.
  • It also lengthen the lashes.

  •  It waterproof.

                             Left: Without Mascara  Right: With Mascara

  • To be honest; With single coat it gives perfect look to lashes.
  • It volumizes and lengthen the lashes.
  • It gives perfect curl to lashes.
  • It gets dry quickly.
  • The wand size is reasonable to grip it while application.
  • Its smudge proof.

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  1. looks pretty nice. I'm curious how it would look like on my eyes..


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  7. Really nice. thanks for this beautiful post.


  8. mascara play a key role when you are applying it for longer eyelashes, it will give you desired results


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