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Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Flourecent Rose" Skin legging - Romwe

      I have been obsessed with printed leggings so decided to buy that from Romwe. There is huge number of  printed leggings available there. Prices are reasonable. The best thing is free world wide shipping. I got my parcel within 2 weeks. Its cost $17.99. Amazing colors with soft print. As summer at peak in Pakistan so I cant wear this in heating season. I can wear out in Sept-Mar.  ahahah ! Romwe is an online store having number of items. Their customer service is simply outstanding. Ordering to delivering procedure is simply amazing. I am loving the print of legging. Its available in one size this thing quite no good but this size exactly for me. Packing was great in a black rectangle box. It was beautifully packed in that. 

  • Romwe tag is attached inside the legging.
  • Its soft and silky stuff.
  • The fabric itself elastic.
  • The fitting is exactly the same.
  • Waist band does not hold down.
  • The colors are vibrant.
  • Medium size exactly perfect for me.
Must visit their website www.romwe.com

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I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)
Do you know the brave angel Talia Joy Castellano? 
Have you heard about her story?

Talia earned her wings on July 16th after six and half year battle with childhood cancer. August 18th would have been Talia's 14th birthday.

Talia touched the lives of thousands through social media. Her make up tutorial on Youtube earned her 1,192,000 subscribers and 517,000 fans on Facebook.  In addition, she told the story of her fight with cancer through Vlogs in an insightful and inspiring way.  During The Ellen Show, she was asked how she keeps her spirits up.  Her answer; “What can I do? Be depressed? A little fish once told me, just keep swimming.”

Talia contacted us to join our fashion Vloggers Team this past April.  By this chance, Talia and Romwe's design Team, designed special leggings together.  Talia said “make up is my wig”, so she suggested some makeup-inspired images to print on the leggings. Lip-print Black-white LeggingsColorful Lip-print White Leggings,Lipstick Print White Leggings
But after the leggings arrived, Talia was not able to enjoy them, as she was too sick.

We know that Talia is with us forever, not only with Romwe Team, but also with all Romwers.  Also we will donate for Talia’s favorite charity, BASE Camp Children 's Cancer Foundation, to help more children and bring hope home for the children who are fighting child cancer.  It will starts on Sep 27th

What about sharing the news with your fans on Facebook, Blog, Instagram, etc, my dear friend?  Feel free to edit the following info in your own way.

Talia is with us forever!!
Know more about Talia and her designs with Romwe in the past May.
Romwe will start to donate for Talia’s favorite charity on Sep 27th.


  1. hey your leggings are so chic...love them...following you now...hope you do same

  2. These are perfect very suitable for slim girls, im wanting some wool legging for summer :)

  3. I went to the website, they actually have really cute things! thanks for introducing it to us!

    check/follow my blog please- fatimasalim.blogspot.com

  4. I like this print ;))


  5. Pretty floral print, definitely a good buy. Romwe have really good stuffs.


  6. yea bought some stuff off romwe before and it was sort of hit or miss for me. most things worked out though but the quality can be lacking in some. have been tempted by the leggings before. thanks for popping by my website, hope you keep reading.


  7. I have always wanted to try a pair of romwe leggings. It seems like everyone has a pair but me! Thanks for the follow :)

  8. You have got really nice blog!!I'm following you now!;)I invite you to my blog;)


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