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Monday, 18 January 2016

Jewellery Buying Guide


Humans have been making the use of jewellery since times begin. It was either used to mark one’s social status or to pay respect to someone by gifting him a special piece of jewellery or gem. From simple seashell necklaces to intricate designs of gold and diamond jewellery available today, humans have really out-done themselves in a particularly short span of time.

Ladies Pearl Bali  Rs. 499 ( $4.99)

Nowadays, the process of making jewellery is not as difficult as choosing it – especially if you are insanely in love with it! So here’s a little guide that’ll help all the jewellery lovers as well as the newbies out there.
Step one – investigate about the latest jewellery trends!

Gold Plated Bangles  Rs. 499 ($4.99)

Yes, that’s the most important step. You cannot wear something that went off season last summer. Search for the season’s look: pearls, beads, stones, or dangling earrings maybe? But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away last season’s precious jewellery. Keep it. A few months later, it’ll be ‘in’ again. 

Step two – decide what kind of jewellery you need.
You can go for simple fashion jewellery paired with your platinum or silver ring for going out with your girlfriends or at work. No need to over-do stuff by loading yourself with lots of gold. I must say, even desi aunties don’t go for that look now. In Pakistan, you can buy amazing fashion jewellery off the internet in no time.

Step three – see what draws attention to your face.

Stylish Ladies Bali

If you have a long face, you don’t need dangling earrings. You can go for hoops or small gem earrings that’ll draw more attention to your beautiful face and not your face’s length.Don’t forget about your hands in the mean process. Buy elegant rings and bangles to complete the look.

Step four – know the jewellery basics.
In order to protect yourself from getting scammed, you must know the following few things about gemstones, pearls and fine metal jewellery.

·        Gemstones: After diamonds, emerald, ruby and sapphire are considered the most precious gems. Their hardness levels are 7.5 – 8, 9 and 9respectively. Though pure gems are quite rare to find, moderately-included gems work just as fine and add a vivid spark to your jewellery.
·        Pearls: Organic stones available in a variety of colours, though white ones are more crowd-pleasing than the others. They look very elegant and womanish. Their quality can be determined by their luster, texture (near to flawless would be great), shape (round pearls are more expensive), size and colour. Scam tip - Fake pearls weigh less than real ones and appear grainy under magnifying glass.
·        Fine metal jewellery: This thing mainly needs experience! While 24 karat is the purest form of gold, it can’t be used to make jewellery alone as it’s too soft. Gold less than 10K is not even near to quality gold. Platinum on the other hand, is more expensive than gold and is a lot stronger; so it’s generally use in its pure form. Silver is often alloyed with copper to form sterling.

You can shop online for every kind of Jewellery in Pakistan. Stores like Daraz.pk and PakStyle.pk offer fashion jewellery at quite reasonable prices. Just be sure to ask the dealer fair amount of questions till you’re satisfied about your purchase and see if you can trust him. Happy shopping! J


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