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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Flop Shop Transformers Doodle Book

Today I am featuring a flopshop on my blog. I am really happy to sharing this interesting post on my blog. Every one will definitely love it.  Their way of dealing is too good. Variety of products available on their shop. I got my package very next day of ordering.

About Transformers;
  1. The Transformers is the first animated television series in the Transformers franchise. The series depicts a war among giant robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects.

It comes in a safe way.

Fast delivery. I got my order very next day of order.

Rs. 575

It is nicely covered. Transformers character is nicely printed. Size of note book is pretty good. The doodle book opens with wedge of orange page. Which is really grabbing for me.  White color pages. 6.5 mm spacing which is good to write down easily. The doodle book back side having black printed cover. Flopshop logo is also printed on back side. Pages are threaded in a very well way to give it durable effect. Pages are also glued together in a well way. The pages have 90 angle sharp corners. I love pointed corners as it easy to move to next page. Ink doesn't spread on the page. Its the plus point. Ink doesn't bleed on back of next page. 

Click to buy this from Flopshop.

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  1. Ha ha..Nice texture and picture on the notebook. Guess I need to order one quickly ;)

  2. What a lovely notebook, but you can buy at the nearest market. Well, if you like online then the better.

  3. nice notebook, I should check out their website :)


  4. i like notebooks and pens, in fact i might like them way too much sometimes. This one is awesome! i dont think guys will have any problem using it even it has a pink page :P :)) Great Find :D

  5. This looks good! Want to own one too

  6. You got a nice deal.. The price is reasonable and the notebook is awesome. Just have some issue with the color pink. Is there a blue-colored one for the page. BTW Transformer, I love the film.

  7. Wow, I have never heard about that online store before. Seems worth checking out since I am really into such stuff where I can share my thoughts. But I would choose another cover. I absolutely dislike the Transformers series, lol

  8. Perfect for those with children who are into Transformers. School started here in the US and I'm sure most boys have that notebook or something similar.

  9. I saw that there were more designs from flopshop... like minions etc
    why choose transformers? Any particular reason?

  10. Awesome... That's a cute notebook! Looks like a good site to order from!

  11. What a cute book! My kids would love to have that to doodle in. We are huge fans of transformers..

  12. The cover is nice. If they can deliver the package with a plastic bag will be better protecting the item.

  13. Such a cute notebook. The quality seems to be very good for the price. Happy Writing dear :)


  14. Is Flop Shop a popular chain in your area? Is there a reason why you bought it from them? I'm curious because I'm not familiar with the name. The note book looks really nice. Beautiful cover too.

  15. nice notebook I would actually need one of them for college :D
    and I like your blog ;)

    ( joannaruminska.blogspot.co.uk )

  16. I achieved a couple of degrees in architecture, and attained licensure in 1990. Boutique Book Company


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