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Friday, 15 August 2014

My Shopping Experience With TwinkleDeals.com

Today I am sharing my shopping experience with twinkledeals.com. I did order on 22nd July 2014 and got it on 15th August 2014. Their customer service is so friendly. Their are number of products on their website. I bought all in $ 14.84. Free shipping.

 Package nicely packed. 

What's Inside the package;

Main Features:
                                                           Durable steel strap
                                                   Pairs well with many outfits
                                               Adds a touch of elegance to your look
                                                            Stainless Steel
                                                         Its a beautiful watch.
                                                        Durable and gorgeous.
                                                                  $ 8.52

 Its  made of alloy.
1.6 cm diameter.
I am liking it so much.

Its totally different from picture.
Color started fading after some time.
One rhinestone is missing.
Quality is poor.

                     Corean Hot Sale Grace and Exquisite Style Hollow Pattern Earrings

$ 1.30
Poor Quality.
I got turned stem. As you can see left ear ring.
Golden color started fading.

My Thought:
I am not satisfied with their jewelry stuff.
Totally Cheap quality.
Wrist watch is amazing.
Feet cuff is amazing too.
I am just loving two products.

Visit their website www.twinkledeals.com

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  1. Such a great items dear. I love the watch.

  2. wow these are super cute! I love jewelry and all of that for $14.95 is amazing!

  3. nice jewelry :)


  4. Bad to hear that they are of cheap quality :/

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  5. Stinks they are bad quality, but at least you liked a couple of them!

  6. It's always hit or miss with online shopping. I also like the toe ring that you got! Glad you're happy with that and the watch so it's not a futile exercise.

  7. Lovely items you got there.. I love to shop online too, very convenient.. :)

  8. Shame about the quality as some of them are really cute ! Thanks for reporting !

  9. Sad to hear that your not totally satisfied with the products. The ring's color fading and a stone missing, that's awful. Nevertheless, that watch is elegant-looking.

  10. Such a cheap price for the whole, it's really good and free shipping. The thing's you didn't like some after inspecting it. Well, next time, select it properly.

  11. this is why i don't trust most bargain jewelry shop online, you can never check the quality just by looking online. i agree though that the watch and feet cuff looks nice! >:)

  12. " I did order on 22nd July 2014 and got it on 15th August 2014." Does this mean the delivery is way too delayed?

  13. I just love rings! I can't buy them online though as my fingers are too small :(

  14. That watch looks very classic and beautiful. Amazing at that price.

  15. It is really hit or miss when you buy a set of things. There are bound to be stuff you do not really need or like. At least the biggest item there you liked, the watch.

  16. You were able to accumulate a lot of accessories in one package. That's a good deal.

  17. You can also check out eBay stuff from China. There are many accessories with cheaper price tags, also free shipping.

  18. Hey .. how long did shipping take? These websites usually advertise the prettiest products then when you get them it's totally different

  19. That's too bad, 2/4 is a poor review on the website. I love the watch too, it looks like a great present for your boyfriend

  20. Too bad it did not turn out to be as good as expected. But I think the watch is great :)

  21. Following you via GFC and Bloglovin. Here is the link to my blog :)

  22. Thanks for the review as always, glad you didn't pay shipping :)


  23. On line shopping can be tricky so it is nice to see when it is successful! The items you bought are beautiful!

  24. Nice watch, but the earrings is really in a poor quality tho, can see that the color is fading from the picture

  25. I like the rings for your feet! :) I've never tried anything like that

  26. I'm disappointed with the last photo when you blurred it!
    Yes, the quality of online stuff are usually not very good (especially cheap ones) made for only 1-2 times wearing

  27. Hope you are having a good day :)

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  28. They have lovely things and you have good taste too. I love the watch and earrings.

  29. I ordered a shirt for my wife, it never came. They won't issue a full refund, but they offered half of it. So I paid for nothing. When you give them your money - you have no way to get it back if the product doesn't come.

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  31. Truly ,This is a brilliant post. I delighted in the data parcel. I will bookmark this page. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this critical data.


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